Finesse Group is located in Ashford Kent, and we’re an award-winning company with more than 25 years of experience.

A Global Reputation

As an international agency that specialises in the design and build of exhibition booths, Finesse Group had the pleasure of designing, building, and managing a variety of projects for myriad companies all around the globe. In fact, more than 150 cities from across the world have been visited by our team in order to install more than 2,500 stands so far.

Because of this experience, Finesse Group has earned a solid reputation. We’re known as one of the world’s most creative and highly reliable exhibition stand contractors.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Whenever we work with clients, our first goal is to ensure we gain a solid understanding of your marketing objectives, as well as your brand. This allows us to create a customised exhibition stand that will effectively reinforce your brand’s values while providing a strong visual presence that simply can’t be missed.

Putting Creativity to Work

One of Finesse Group’s most valuable assets is the team’s creativity. Every design will offer you a practical and creative solution that will help you meet your goals. You’ll find that the stand we make for you does everything you need it to do so you can concentrate on objectives that will attract clients.

Reliable Service

Finesse Group prides itself on guaranteeing that every project will be delivered on time and within budget, whether your exhibit will take place in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else.

Logos of clients Finesse Group have designed and built exhibition stands for