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Planning is everything in regard to booth designers and booth design. Ensure that all your bases are covered and your booth design is absolutely spot on before you sign the contract and begin implementing your booth design plan.

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For your exhibition – the best booth design

The most crucial element in any exhibition is the booth design, as there are such large selections of booth designers to choose from, this can be the most time consuming part of the whole process. Selection of the correct booth design takes minute attention to detail and the total understanding of both yourself and the booth designers.

Your contractor should have a team of specialist booth designers for your perusal and also should be able to provide guidance on which booth design is right for your particular industry.

Booth designers - where do I start?

Your exhibition company will have an experienced number of booth designers to match your objective. You will need to select a number of booth designers in the first instance and whittle them down to find the booth design that’s right for you. Your selected booth designers should be able to provide you with all the help you need, not only in respect to the booth design but also the cost implication.

Be sure to separate your booth design budget from your main exhibition budget; you may need to amend your booth design plan as the process continues.

Booth designers fees can fluctuate in cost depending on the level of technology required, for example booth designers that specialise in basic effects, will be significantly cheaper than a booth design with the latest electronic gadgetry.

Planning my booth design - considerations

When selecting booth designers there is no margin for error, every aspect regarding the booth design must carefully examined before the first stage of implementation. The main consideration when selecting the right booth designers are the budgetary concerns, your budget must be stuck to vigorously as there are always things you can add to your overall booth design. To prevent any undue financial implications adhere to your initial booth design budget.

The graphics needed are also a main consideration in your booth design; again the latest technology will cost more. All booth designers use lighting effects to a great extent; although costly, the right lighting can really separate both your booth design and booth designers from the competition.

Sometimes overlooked aspects - Booth Design client space

Another aspect to be considered at the planning stage of the booth design is the clients’ space inside the actual booth. Booth designers do not always give this element the attention it deserves.

Potential clients do not want to be in ultra close proximity to fellow customers and staff. Good booth designers will allow for at least half of the total space available for their potential clients, make sure your booth design is geared to customer comfort. Additional elements that you and your booth designers should consider are the staffing arrangements.

In any thorough booth design this will be considered and acted upon - the positioning, appearance and manner of staff should always be highlighted in the overall booth design plan. Using a precise, detailed booth design plan will save you any inconvenience, effective and proven booth designers will be very meticulous in their overall booth design.

Summary - the major points in reaching your exhibition objectives

To summarise, planning is everything in regard to booth designers and booth design. Ensure that all your bases are covered and your booth design is absolutely spot on before you sign the contract and begin implementing your booth design plan. An unfinished or minimally detailed booth design plan will always lead to a reduction of your overall objectives, seek third party information about the booth designers suitable for your sector and ensure you know the booth design thoroughly. Adherence to these simple guidelines will guarantee that your booth designers will perform exactly to your requirements and the finished booth design will be as effective as possible.

To conclude, you are in charge, any failures or mishaps will reflect upon you, the selection of the correct booth design is your prerogative. The booth design must attract your potential customer’s attention in matter of seconds; you must separate your booth design from the competition.

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